Thursday, June 29, 2017

Does Greyhound Weigh Your Luggage?

If you are planning a trip on the Greyhound bus and are going to be taking luggage with you then you might be wondering about weight limitations.

The last thing you want to happen is for your bag to be overweight and you have to pay some heavy fees to get them on the bus.

The good news is that the weight limitations on Greyhound are pretty straight forward. Your checked bags cannot weigh more than 50lbs (you are allowed two with each adult ticket, one for free the second is $15).

And yes, they will weigh your checked bags to make sure they are not overweight.

If your checked bag weighs 50lbs or more you will have to have it shipped through Greyhound Package Express to your final destination. Not only can this get expensive but it is also risky since there is no guarantee that your bags will be on the same bus as you.

This means that your bag(s) may arrive at your final destination before you do which means they will be sitting around a random bus station for who knows how long. Or they will arrive after you do and you will have to sit around and wait on them.

So your best bet is to make sure that your checked bags weigh 50lbs or less so you don't have to deal with the hassle.

You are allowed one carry on bag with each adult ticket you buy on Greyhound. Your carry-on bag is supposed to weight 25lbs or less but in most cases they will not weigh your carry-on bag.

The size of your carry on bag is important however because if your carry on seems like it is too big to fit under your seat or in the overhead luggage bins the driver will make you return to the ticket counter and check it.

This could open you up to the $15 fee if you already have one checked bag and maybe even the whole Greyhound Package Express ordeal if you have two checked bags already.

So while the weight of your carry on bag isn't usually an issue, the size is very important. Greyhound doesn't have any exact measurements in inches or centimeters for how big your carry on can be but an industry standard carry on bag will fit easily in the overhead luggage bins on the bus.

Another great idea for a carry-on bag is a small to medium sized backpack or daypack. Not only will they fit easily in the luggage bins but they are also easy to tote around while you are traveling.

If you are worried about your bags being overweight and you don't have a scale at home to weigh them on here's a quick tip. Completely pack your bag the day before your trip and go to the Greyhound station and have then weigh it for you. If it's underweight you are good to go.

If it's overweight you can remove items right then and there and have then re-weigh your bag until it's the right weight. This saves you the hassle of having to do all this on the day of your trip plus any items that had to be removed can be left at home if they aren't essential to your trip.

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